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Create your most valuable business asset

If you’re starting something new, or looking to protect something already established, this is your opportunity to create your most valuable business asset. A registered trade mark protects your identity, can help promote your business, your products, differentiate you from your competitors, push you into new markets, and protect your brand, online and offline.

With over 23 years experience in intellectual property, we're trusted every day by companies around the world to protect key brands. Let us help you protect yours. Confidential, safe and secure.

How much does it cost to register a trade mark?

Netregistry's Trade Mark Registration Service takes the complication out of the trade mark application and registration process.

Our application service and trade mark experts can assist you in crafting the best application to protect your business.

We provide two different options for payment of trade mark registration fees - a success based pricing model or paid all up front. Application fees are not refundable if the application isn't accepted.

Paid-Up-Front OR Success Pricing
On application
- Our fee
- Government fee


On registration
- Our fee
- Government fee


Total cost (per class) $899 $1,198

All prices are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD), including GST (where applicable). Registration fee will be charged on notification of acceptance by the trade marks office.

Why register a trade mark?

Customers identify your business, its quality, reputation and image by your trade mark. The more successful your business, the more valuable your trade mark.

  • Protect your brand online and offline - a registered trade mark gives you an exclusive right to use your name as a brand name for your listed goods or services. It can give you a stronger position to stop other companies from using your name on similar goods/services in Australia.
  • Control your brand - registered trade marks can be licenced and sold to other parties, creating a valuable asset for your business. It gives you the flexibility and control to choose who and how other companies/people can use your name, should you decide to licence it.
  • Broad Australian protection - registered trade marks provide coverage for the entire Australian jurisdiction. This means you can alert the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services to the importation of goods that infringe your trade mark and seize them from entering the country.

Trade marks are registered for 10 years, but can be renewed indefinitely.

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